How foreigners pick up girls in Belarusian clubs?

Most of the clubs in Belarus are situated in Minsk. In these clubs there are two main types of girls – those who came to have some rest and those who came to find a foreigner for the night. There are also rare companies of guys and girls who came to have some rest or celebrate something. As for males in such clubs, most of them are foreigners from different countries of the world.

How do you distinguish to find girls you are looking for?

Don’t worry, they will find you themselves. Some come close to your table and erotically dancing in front of you. Usually these girls are seriously prepared for visit to the club. They have bright make up, big eyes, big lips, eyelashes to the eyebrows, neckline with open breast, hairpins, stockings. These girls are usually 18 – 23 years old. Girls who have aim to pick up foreign guys usually perform very open explicit dances, often near the table of the foreigner they are willing to seduce. If the foreigner goes to the bar, he will almost immediately find near him sexy girl companion. Then everything goes by a standard scheme – cocktail, short conversation (half an hour) and they are leaving the club for hotel or apartment. Don’t be surprised if for your question “How are you?” you will hear the price in Euros or Dollars.

Who are these girls?

Mostly they are students from different parts of Belarus, who live in the dorms, but there are also many girls from Minsk.

What makes these girls to act this way? Most of them are trying to convert their beauty to better life. By such attitude they are trying to find a spouse, a husband, often even if he is old and ugly, but rich. So, as I see, there are two main reasons – poverty of Belarusian people and their low morality. Not every girl would agree to sell her body for better life, do you agree? But high percentage of these girls attracts foreigners to this country as honey attracts wasps, but instead of sting these foreign tourists us something else.

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