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Belarusian woman would never be with you if…

An arrogant man usually hides a bunch of complexes behind his mask. Do not confuse arrogance with confidence. A confident man always respects himself and others. An arrogant man is not able to be critical and analyze the world. Considering his opinion to be the only correct, an arrogant man is often mistaken and sees no simpler options that could lead him to success.

Being a good psychologist by nature, a Belarusian woman will drew out your bluff right away. She might even try to trick you, by deliberately creating difficult situations to make you nervous. Although, for most women your behavior will seem insolent and they will simply avoid you.

In both cases, you have no chance. Although it is almost unrealistic to change yourself, it is much more real to change your attitude to the world around you. One should at least be aware of the reasons for their possible failures with women, then there is a chance to draw conclusions and start acting differently. In general, we recommend that everyone start with meditation. It will help in many aspects, in particular, to better understand your role in this world and to observe your behavior from the outside.

… you are the center of the universe

In Belarus there is a saying which describes arrogant man or woman “navel of the Earth“. It is a good illustration of some foreigners’ behavior, who come to Belarus. And this is not about a healthy level of selfishness that is present in every adequate person. It is more like the behavior of a savage who escaped from a cage.

For such foreigners, the cage is their own “civilized” Western home country, and Belarus, as it is often called a dictatorship, in this case becomes for them the most free country on Earth. But it is here that one can trace the true moral values of many foreigners and their level of “upbringing”. In fact, the most disgusting behavior can be seen in the behavior of some (most?) foreigners who come to Belarus.

Their attitude to local women could be described with one word – harassment. They are openly making brazen offers to women. It makes no difference to them whether this woman has a boyfriend, whether she is married or no. They do not think this could be someone’s mother in front of them. Also, they do not know what emotional state this woman is experiencing at the moment – maybe someone of her relatives is sick or she has personal problems, but here in the middle of the street a foreigner comes up and with a nasty smile and a “broken Russian” offers an indecent proposal.

Such behavior and demonstration of animal instincts is a mediated result of belief in widespread stereotypes about Belarus. The root cause was the behavior of some Belarusian women who tried to leave the country at any cost. Not much went out, but the opinion was formed about everyone. It always happens like that.

People, unfortunately, like to think stereotypically and do not like to analyze the real state of things. But the main reason is still the low level of culture of many foreigners who come to Belarus to “enjoy life”.

Thinking about such things, inadvertently I catch myself thinking, how primitive level humanity still takes, and how far we are to the dreamy development phase, where everyone can live in harmony and feel happy.

… you talk bad about her country and culture

Well, this is probably the classic of the beginning of a bad relationship between a Belarusian woman and a foreign man. As soon as starts the talk that at home the grass is greener – it’s the first bell to look out for. The farther away, the more comparisons can be made and the more sharp the criticism becomes. At some point you realize that you just have to hurt her with your negative words and can no longer hold back. You do not control your emotions – your anger drives you further.

Even if after such powerful manifestations of negativity about her culture and country you will still be together, it will leave a very unpleasant onslaught for a very long time. The first week, your relationship will not resemble the relationship at all. It will be a quiet conversation between two offended people, without much desire to communicate. So don’t bring it to this point.

Who likes it when they talk bad about his home? No one, even if it is constructive criticism. Your criticism will not change the situation, but your words can hurt her feelings.

Put yourself in the woman’s place. If she grew up in Belarus and spent there all her life, has never been to other countries, Belarus is the only place she has ever seen in this world. And as one seeks comfort and tranquility, she often idealizes the surrounding space. So it’s no wonder she loves her country.

After all, here she had a pleasant conversation with her mother in the kitchen, went to the forest to collect mushrooms in the village with her grandmother, and on this bench near the river in the park she kissed for the first time. So, no matter how good it is in your country, respect the woman you like and don’t hurt her with your criticism.

If you still want to prove that it is better in your home country – do it in another way. It is worth unobtrusively showing her what benefits you have at home, so she can compare and draw her own conclusions. It is not necessary to talk about it at all, but just make her pleasant visit to your home country, so that she can see with her own eyes where is better.

Finally, I ask you to think. Is everything in your home country so perfect? Are there no disadvantages? I think in every country there are drawbacks and your country is no exception. Therefore, it is worth considering such things philosophically and it is better to look for positive in Belarus. Your demonstration of interest in Belarusian culture will be applauded by the Belarusian woman and she will try to help you to get to know Belarusian culture even better. While demonstrating your chauvinism may offend her and spoil your relationship.

… you have no goals in life

Pointless life is a demonstration of irresponsible attitude towards oneself. A person with personal goals feels needed by others. This forward movement makes us feel part of something bigger. We enjoy the process, not so the goal. Any movement forward is development, and standing still is degradation.

Purposeless living will make your life boring. You will float downstream and everything will seem monotonous. There is a great risk of picking up a bad habit to make life “more interesting“. Many people do not realize that life without purpose is a hard labor and consistent reproach and pangs of conscience. However, this is well-understood by a Belarusian woman. She will not be with a man who has no purpose. Such a man is unpromising for her. Mutual interest is the cause of the relationship, but in the next phase there is exploration of each other. And if the woman is not sure that future husband will be able to ensure the existence of their joint family, she will not be with such a man. Namely, the man who does not have a goal is most likely to be rated as a “non-promising” by Belarusian woman.

Often, men misunderstand what a Belarusian woman wants from them. On the contrary to common stereotypes, she does not require a rich man. The husband must earn enough to allow the family to afford the necessary things and to develop themselves. Most Belarusian women do not require a man’s wealth, they want to see that the man “wants to reach something” and is trying to achieve. Even if he fails briefly, he falls, but stands up again and goes in the direction of the goal – such a man is promising and the woman will support him even in case of failure.

… your ideas about life are too different

It’s not your fault. It’s not her fault. You’re just too different. Cultural differences and perspectives on life play a key role in living together. If you look differently at the same things, then you are way past each other.

Different ways you see life in general, different angle you see at everyday life and at your common future are the things that will not allow you to be together. Someone will have to adjust to the other and in the end it will lead to oppression for either you or her. In the future, this is threatened by a big emotional explosion, after which there is no turning back.

Women are inherently more emotional, so they more subtly feel your incompatibility from the very beginning. So don’t be surprised when a Belarusian woman takes the first step towards your break if she finally realizes that you are too different. You can take this step first and it is not necessarily letting woman to do it first. It all depends on who is more daring to admit to himself that your relationship has no future.

… as the man, you are not interesting to her

You may have had a passion at the beginning, but now you become lazy and fall asleep immediately, turning to the right side. Remember that it is important for a woman to be satisfied in all aspects and you, as a man, have a direct relation to this.

Don’t just think about yourself. More precisely, make a rule for yourself – until your wife is satisfied, you continue “working” and only then you can get pleasure yourself.

This aspect in the relationship is among top three of most important (if not the most important one). However, many people consider this aspect immoral or the one, needing too much attention. And in vain. A disgruntled woman becomes angry, irritable, toxic. She tries to make lives of men who surround her to be the same. So do not bring your wife to the extreme – fulfill your responsibilities responsibly, maximizing the “tasks” entrusted to you.

… you compare her with others

There is no woman on Earth who will tolerate this attitude. As soon as you compliment another woman, your Belarusian woman will become jealous and annoying. If you compare her to someone else, it can be an insult that will break your relationship.

Never compare her to other women, even if you are telling the truth. Put yourself in her place. What if she told you that her previous Italian boyfriend was kissing better? How would you feel in this situation? At the very least, it would be unpleasant to hear that.

So if you don’t like something about your girlfriend, try telling her about it without comparing her to other women. And if the thing you would like to change is not changeable, put up with it or find yourself another favorite.

… you are a faulty selfish person

We have already said that healthy selfishness is normal. But when a man focuses on himself and his desires only, any woman will tolerate him, especially, Belarusian beauty.

Of course, you need to live for yourself, because this is your life. It is necessary to enjoy life and to achieve personal goals. But do not forget that the closest people are also a source of pleasure for you.

A housewife may love one flowerpot more than others, but still she sprinkles each of them with water. That’s the way it is with your attention – it should be paid not only to yourself, but also to the closest people, otherwise they will deprive you of their attention. Everything is simple.

… you don’t keep your word

If you promise something to a Belarusian woman, you have to do it. In rare cases, if you are unable to do what you have promised, you should warn her in advance.

There is nothing worse than an unreliable man. If a woman is going to build a family with you in the future, and believe me, a Belarusian woman is going to, otherwise she would not be in a relationship with you, she should make sure of your reliability. And your constant excuses, bringing things to a close and shameless lies – all these things demonstrate your irresponsibility. Don’t be surprised if one day she tells you “good bye” because of this.

… you don’t want to have children

In Western culture, it is quite common to live for yourself, enjoy yourself and do not plan to have children. The child free culture, cultivated in the West, completely contradicts the traditional family values prevalent in Belarus.

The average Belarussian woman dreams of ordinary things – to have a family, a loving husband and children. Without children, she cannot imagine a full-fledged family and a happy life. Such picture of family life is not full for her. Without children in the future, she will consider herself inferior. Nor will her parents understand her, who would like to have grandchildren and procreation of their family – “rod”(Rus.).

Therefore, if you do not want to have children but plan a serious relationship with a woman from Belarus, it is better to talk to her about it right away. Worse, if you fall in love with her, you both get used to each other, and then you’ll have to break up.

Believe me – “the child’s argument” is the most serious of all of the following, so it’s worth considering. Often happens that things that are considered normal in the West are inadmissible in Belarus.

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