Why Belarus women are so easy going to foreigners?

Belarus is the country of beautiful ladies. So extemely beautiful that your mouth would be widely open if you see so many beauties on the street at the same time. But Belarus is also a contry that has strict political regime and old fashionate Soviet style pretty much everywhere, that is why foreign guy is a prince for many Belarus girls and they are eager to spend time with foreigner. There is also pretty much nothing interesting to do in Belarus, and maybe women of this country find foreign man somehow exotic.

As it is said in one Belarus article, one Italian guy had 14 Belarus girls in his bed during 20 days of staying in this country. And the fact is he did not pay a dime, he only picked them up and had conversations and so on. That is so impossible in Italy, where you will pay 100-200 Euro per hour.

So men of which countries Belarus girls prefer? According to the statistics the most popular are Italians and Turkish guys, the second place is shared between Arabs and afroamericans and then go Geman, Swiss, French, Finnish, British and Spanish men.

Italians are eager to find easy girls in Belarus and they even have special web sites, where give advices to other Italians how to pick up a girl in Belarus, how to get visa, where to rent a cheap flat in Minsk, what places are the best to find Belarus girl for night. One Italian also shares his experience by saying he visits Italian restaurant in Minsk, because there are many beautiful Belarus girls who are pretty easy to get in bed, you only need to buy her a beer, or have a vodka and dinner with her, make some compliments and she is yours.

Usually foreign guys in Belarus use the same scheme. Firstly if they see pretty girl, they ask why is she alone and buy her a drink. Then they talk about nothing and everything – all at once. They also give a lot of compliments. I’d say that Belarus women are very pleased to hear compliments, because Belarus men make compliments very rare to their women.

If you want to be exotic tourist in Belarus, first of all you have to find a company to go. Very seldon foreigner goes alone. After that step, you get a train ticket or plain ticket. The most experienced guy in the group recommends the whole list of actions, that includes search for Belarus girls, having fun and sex. the main sum of money that foreigner spents for trip to Belarus is ticket and rent of a flat.

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On the forums concerning sex trips to Belarus active participants advice not to stay in the Hotel, because it is more expensive than to rent a flat, plus if you stay in the hotel, you have to pay the security guy to bring a girl inside. Foreing visitors are pretty impressed by Belarus escort servises that cost about 200 Euro per six hours, but girls are very hot and speak perfect English. Foreigners also share information, that girls from newspapr announcements take about $100 for the night, but speak Russian only.

Why Belarus women are so easy going to foreigners

One Turkish guy said that he prefers to spend two days for romantic attends with flowers and candles. He goes to the disco, finds a girl he likes, buys her a drink. “Usually two days are enough to get Belarus girl to bed”, he says. He gives advice to say many compliments and to say you like her a lot or even felt in love from the first look. He is impressed that it actually works!

The main thing is that Belarus girl thought that foreigner is serious about their future relationships. And that is the main mistake Belarus girls do. They think foreigners really like them and want serious relationships, and foreigners usually are just sex tourists and it is clear what they are looking for. Many foreigners advice Minsk, Belarus capital, as very good place to find a girl.

Marriages are much rare. Statistics show that Belarusian women are willing to marry Italians, 27 marriages in 9 month only. The second place by Turkish men – 13 weddings with Belarusian women. Marriages with other foreigners are less common.

Rating of places in Minsk where foreigners look for Belarusian girls:
1. Max show
2. Italian Restaurant L GRIP Voglia Matta.
3. “Zhuravіnka”
4. “Belaya Vezha
5. Disco West World Club

This rating is made by Minsk taxi drivers, who drive Italians and other foreigners to those places the most often. But this also means that there are many Belarus girls who visit those places on purpose to meet foreigner.

  • Efreet

    I dated a girl from Minsk once. She was very kind and so was her family, but the pressure to get married was very strong. She was 24 years old and apparently in their culture that is the time that a young lady needs to get serious if she wants to find a husband. I was not interested in getting married so I let her go. Based on my experience with her, I have a very positive image of Belarussian girls and of their people in general.

    • Ukrnetia

      The point is that in Belarus, Ukraine and other CIS countries marriage is an issue. If girl is not mariied until 25 she thinks she would be not needed, not desired and finally stay lonely. The same stereotype have men who think that if girl was not married earlier there were some reasons, usualy negative. It is not exactly 25, but 27 is too late for sure. In your case, I think she probably might consider your intentions not serious enough. You should have talk the issue over and say you have plans for marriage, but in 2 or 3 years, for example (if you really intent so) and she would understand and wait. I suppose you told you don’t consider marriage important at all what is totally unappropriate to do considering Eastern European womens’ mentality.

      • Efreet

        I would only have been lying if I told her that I wanted to wait a few years before getting married. I cared enough for her that I wanted her to find herself a husband while she was still young enough to have the most options for men. I’m sure she found someone not long after I broke up with her. There are still plenty of men around here who believe in marriage.

    • Wissam Sobh

      Hi there…
      Im planing to go after 15days to minsk to search for one girl for a seriouse relation ship can u help me with some details plz.

      • Efreet

        what? just randomly go there and start looking or have you been already in contact with a woman?

        I can provide to you a small bit of advice: Poetry is huge in many parts of Slavic eastern Europe. If you can learn a little bit about their most beloved poets and even a verse or two… that will be very impressive. If you can deliver those verses with feeling, that will be even better.

        • Efreet

          Btw, see the countryside and the war memorial sites. Take her with you and ask lots of questions.

  • EuropeanGuy

    Garbage article as Greek Romanian who lived in Romania both Romanian women and men are awful and obsessed with money and confortable life

    • Rotarescu

      As Romanian woman, I would like to assume that you probably have met wrong people or your opinion is way too biased. I’m not saying all people in Romania perfect, but definitely not like you wrote, Mr. half-Greek half something LOL who judges the whole country with his poor opinion. Article is great and everyone has right to express her/his opinion even if it is such poor as yours. At least here is not written stereotypic bulls**t about Romanian women as everywhere else.

      • EuropeanGuy

        Can You spare me with your arrogant Romanian woman mentality ? Go bore somebody else ! Siktir jet !

      • EuropeanGuy

        Ia mai du te naibii de româncă sunteți zeițe eterne mereu tinere și stăpâne pe destinele Europei și ale lumii? Vai sanchi ce sa zic ! Acum să aud tiganismele tale românești de furie lol !

      • EuropeanGuy

        Toate româncele sunt la fel am 33 de ani și peste 20 trăiți în România…Nu am aspect fizic neplăcut sunt îngrijit la haine și igienă și toate româncele de toate vârstele sunt tzoape rasiste și misandriste intelegi ?