Minsk is the capital of sex tourism

Belarus is more strongly associated with sex tourism. In the capital of Belarus all the conditions have been created to satisfy the most discerning tastes and sexual preferences of foreign male citizens. To meet the demand of sex tourists visiting country works the whole industry: starting from the beauty contests held by the state and ending with nightclubs, casinos and brothels operating under the control of the Interior Ministry. Available Belarusian girls are always ready to take with all the warmth to any solvency of foreign tourists, regardless of his nationality and age.

You can easily find on the Internet many photos taken in Minsk nightclubs known as a place of pick-up. Arabs, Turks and other visitors pick-up easy going girls with a passport of the Republic of Belarus. As you might see on happy faces of foreigners, they are very pleased with stay in Belarus. As you see, there is nothing weird in the fact that sex tours in Belarus becoming more popular among foreigners. For example, the Muscovites call Belarus the second Thailand.

Minsk is the capital of sex tourism

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Belarusian prices is minor compared with the income of wealthy foreigners. Some foreign visitors are so frequent in Minsk that even got here pretty mistresses. The pay for housing and come to visit girls whenever they want. Good practice, as the house is kept well, foreigner is spending less than for a hotel and is guaranteed to have someone to spend time with.

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  1. samer sd says:

    hi good moring im coming to belarus after 20 day in interst in fitness girl can i have idea what kind of girls you have

  2. Ahmed Ali says:

    What are the prices per night with a girl?

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