Belarus girl in shower

What would I say its just WOW! What do I mean? Heh… That is closer about… Belarus girls in general and Belarus girl in shower in particular. After analyzing what people would like to find on the web there is one interesting detail concerning international dating, that a lot would like to see Belarus girl in the morning shower. I was surprised when found out this information. Surprised not because of the actual question, because I know women from Belarus are very attractive and in shower they are even more. I was surprised because I found no information on this in the whole internet and decided to share my experience.

After my travel to Belarus I got many positive feelings. I stayed in Minsk for some days and went to rural Belarus that didn’t impress me much. In Belarus village I had a lot of time to accumulate energy from the nature. Forest, morning shower with cold water and walking on the solid ground made me feel physically and emotionally stronger so I was ready to do enormous amount of exploits, including amorous ones. I went to Mogilev, big Belarus city in search of not cultural heritage, but to find a girl and fulfill the night fantasies of last week in the village.

My romantic tour started near the main square of Mogilev after I walked down the street. It was summer, warm and nice sunny weather and some Belarus city holiday. Lot of Beauties on the streets. They are all so gorgeous, smiling, providing happiness to the entire world. My tries to get acquainted were quite unsuccessful at first and mostly because in general Belarus girls do not speak fluent English. Being little drunk from two bottles of beer I came to the company of drunken girls laughing. When they realized I am foreigner, they started to pay lot of attention to me. There were four girls, two of them were so hot, but didn’t speak English at all, one descent girl speaking good English and one pretty girl speaking few English words in broken language. She was the most active all the time. She was glancing at me, trying to ask something and always asked that not very pretty but smart girl to translate if the sentence was too complicated to her. We were all drinking at some bar, of course, at my expense. At the end of the evening our drunken company went out. Two the best beauties called the cab and disappeared in shade of darkness and two girls left with me.

Belarus girl in shower

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“Translator” girl, me and “my girl”, I would call us in such a way. My girl asked where I live in Mogilev. I told the hotel. She excitedly yelled it is really close to her place and asked if I will walk her home. I agreed. In 10 minutes “translator girl” said good bye and went to the entrance of one of that old soviet blocks. We kept walking and in some time we got to the place. Nadia, that’s her name, asked if I want some coffee and then it started. I had a great night spent with Belarus girl and when I woke up I went to the washroom. You know, many Belarus apartments have that common toilet and bath room. As I wanted to use the toilet I went to find it. That is what leads me to see gorgeous Belarus girl in shower! She was in hot shower after long night. Perfect body, wet blond hair and that passionate kisses. That’s what I can say when it is going about Belarus woman in shower.

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